Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Sat 25 Jun 2011 13:26
43:44.611N 20:03.382W
Hi guys,
We have just seen 2 large tankers, one on it's way to Costa Rica and the other going to Columbia, very nice too! Saw a fishing vessel which didn't come up on AIS, quite weird, not good because we don't really want to crash if thats ok!
Seriously cannot wait to have a shower now, Joe said that when we are 2 days away if we have enough water he will boil the kettle and give me a shower, I can't wait!! We are still moving fast, I am really excited to get onto dry land again but at the same time enjoying my experience out here. I keep trying to picture a busy street in London or Ashill to try and make things seem normal but I can't, we are so detatched from the world although we are not far away, it's something I find hard to explain but there you go.
Weather still good, sun strong and my back is brown and white.. great (sighs), might have to go and top up the tan haha.
Thanks for your email mum, I am so excited to know that you and Dad will fly over us soon, how cool!
Please keep the emails coming,
Alex and Joe xxxx