We have turned for home!!!

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Fri 29 Apr 2011 16:45

48:42.47N 9:46.43W

Yes! We dropped the spinnaker at 249 miles and brought the boat about at exactly 250! Time of the turn was about 1640, so a little behind schedule...

We picked up a hitch-hiker! A little bird, we named “plucky” as he clearly doesn’t belong out here... we think he’s a swallow or similar, and as he can’t land on water he’s been perched in the cockpit with Alex. As I write he’s now sat atop a pot on the galley, making himself right at home, and now he’s made a nest sat on Alex’s shoulder whilst she does the washing up!! AAARRGHHH Me Hearties!!!

We expect to be in Plymouth sometime on Monday, hopefully not too late. The winds that have borne us here so easily are now making it difficult for us to get back, we have to tack back up the channel. On the plus side, now we are making way up wind, our wind generator is kicking out the amps, so no more noisy engine needed to keep the leccy on.

Tea tonight is spag bol, nom nom.

Thanks to Daisy for the R R R Royal Wedding update!