Hi from the 3am watch!

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Fri 29 Apr 2011 02:14


Well it’s first mates watch now, I was not happy being woken up at 12am to do a 3 hour watch... L We are moving quite quickly, wind has picked up to about 6 knots... Dad don’t laugh, thats fast for a little boat!! Hehe. I see no ships! It’s brilliant being so far away from the coast, that’s the only good thing about it, no traffic, nothing to bump into.

Mum- lovely email, hope the fish and chips is nice, I made sausage casserole for tea today, was really yummy! Miss you too, we should be home on Sunday and we have both said that we want to come over next Wednesday for half moon and bbq...? I tried sunbathing today, went a bit red. My face is very brown and my arms but my tummy and upper leg a little sore... it will go brown tomorrow hopefully!! I know you are probably worried but it’s fine out here, the boat is really cosy and warm, we have lots of food and water and a bottle of champers! Also, the weather been brilliant, not rough at all with some nice wind at times.  I don’t know if you can reply to blogs...

Andi - Thanks for the email lovely, nice to know you are following us, see you this time at the half moon on Wednesday? Lots of love xxx

Dad - It is looking like we will arrive at “Little Sole Bank” tomorrow afternoon which is fab, then literally turn around and come back. Looking forward to seeing some dolphins maybe! I’ll take lots of pictures.

Grandma/Grandad - Thanks for the email too, love you both xxx

A.Sam/ Uncle Paul and Kids - Miss you, see you next week? Xxx


Ok well I am really tired now and struggling to see the computer screen, still got another 2 ½ hours to go before I can sleep again. We have covered 165 miles so far, 335 miles to go!

Love to you all