3 more sleeps!

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Tue 28 Jun 2011 11:35
46:50.929N 13:40.457W
We both had a good night's sleep, had a lovely email from Austin which cheered us up! He's such a clever boy! Only 3 days to go!!! I just hope that we don't get headed when we get closer, that is what the forecast predicts but we are praying that it is wrong.
Seen a few tankers, mostly going to South America, one just passed us minutes ago and was 1 mile away, it looked like they were right next door!! I don't mind so much in daylight, it's just the night when you cant see them, only the lights (spooky).
Joe is fixing the engine at the minute, the fuel hose broke and spilled diesel into the bilge, nice. Not hard to fix I hope..
Weather lovely again, we are doing 6.5 kts at the minute and reaching, sailing along nicely. When we get closer to home it will be tanker dodging and fishing boat dodging which we hate, they don't seem to care that we are under sail. Oh well.
When do you think you'll be flying out dad?? I can't wait haha.
Lots of Love