Good morning from Calypso

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Sun 5 Jun 2011 08:05

49:17.9N 6:10.3W

0751 GMT

An eventful night, it was quite squally but managed to keep the chute up until the wind swung round to astern and dropped. At this point I was napping (I got about an hour last night in fits and starts, maybe a little more) and I could hear the Chute filling and collapsing so knew I had some deck work to do. So, 5am saw me bleary-eyed, dropping our beautiful cruising chute (in the sea, mostly) and hoisting our tired old spinnaker, which is now doing its best in 5 knots of wind astern.

We are nearly becalmed, 1.5 knots. I want to cry. I can’t see any AZAB boats, but can hear them occasionally on the radio, their calls worryingly weak. I don’t know what I did so wrong last night after successfully keeping up with the pack, that they all overtook me, but overtake they did, so all I can do is try to catch them! Maybe I should try and push west.

Apart from that, nothing much to report, I hope I’m not last but if I am I will try my best to catch up. I bet the class 4’s and 3’s are nearly there now! Could anyone update me on the position of Bojangles? Richard and Carla were ever so nice to us and I’d like to see how their J105 is getting on.

Bye for now,