Lost comms, for now...

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Sat 11 Jun 2011 12:59
41:39.4N 17:32.2W
12:30 GMT
It appears that I have lost the ability to transmit on my satphone, so for now, these blogs take on the form of a diary. I was a bit stumped as to how to tell anyone I was okay, as I'm sure you are all desperately worried about the plucky yacht Calypso and her handsome, daring captain, after not recieving a post-breakfast blog.
I tried the radio this morning, to no avail, but just now I got through to Rebecca of Helford, who is just 5 miles SW of me. Her captain kindly assured me that he will contact Alex, who will hopefully get on the phone to me, or if not, to Mailasail to sort out the problem. It reminds me that if anything happened there is a network of yachts out here, all ready to lend a hand. So much nicer than being on your own, the nearest boat a portuguese trawler 100 miles away with his VHF switched off.
So, this morning and last night! Phew, a hard slog westbound (hang on, kettle is boiled).
Just got off the phone with Alex, (That was quick, thank you Rebecca!) who is on the case, but stupidly tried to make a tea in a F5 whilst talking to her and smashed a cup on the cabin sole, which has gone into a million pieces. ohhhhh!!!! That's my only good china cup. The other one is plastic but too tall to use in a seaway, and I don't care what you say, Dad, tea out of plastic mugs is horrible.
So yeah, a hard slog west overnight, I had to make a couple of trips on deck in the night to secure loose things and to repair another split shackle. This morning saw the arrival of 20 knot winds and so far I've seen a 25 knot gust, Force 6 territory, not nice when one is beating into it. Very rough sea. Ah well we are making headway, and after shortening sail the ride is a little better.
I've been listening to David Attenborough's autobiography, my hero, and this makes for very fine listening whilst at sea. I have actually read the book but his voice makes it worth listening to again.
Right, I'm going to get the sweeping brush and make another teaaa!!