La Coruna

Sun 2 Sep 2012 16:58
Viveiro-La Coruna

We left Ribadeo with the intention to go straight to La Coruna.

However, Biscay had one of those days and and we ended up in Viveiro.

Very nice Ria(fiord). Small fishing town.

Spent only one day and the day after we headed to La Coruna.

Reaching La Coruna was (so far) the worst sailing passage.  This is where Mar Cantabrico joins the Atlantic Ocean . It took us almost ten hours to get there. Weather and seas changed quite a lot . In one day the wind shifted 3 times ,reached  25knots and seas came all over the place with sometimes waves of more than 4 metres, with no particularly defined direction.Not a pleasant trip for the kids

Arrived very late to a city that became one of our best stops.

To our surprise we met many boats that were going to do the ARC(Atlantic crossing). Australian,English,Germans,Americans,French sailors.

Great community!  I have been told that once you are in the ocean,we were going to meet all kind of people. Amazing stories and lives.Met one couple you had been sailing for 6 years. Another one came all the way from Australia just todo the Arc.

We met an american family(two kids of 11and 7) you had sold all their belonging in seattle,bought a brand new 45 ft catamaran . Their plan was to sail first Europe and then the world. Time frame, whatever it takes to do it!

Weather was bad so we had to extend our stay in the City. No regrets whatsoever.

Modern facilities,nice beach,non expensive(and very good) food.

Kids had a great time,meeting other family children ,going from one boat to the other,fishing in the marina, playing monopoly,etc. It was also John's end of the trip as he had to fly to Argentine to get his student visa before joining All Hallows again.

He flew on his own to London to make a connexion to BA where my sister and later Miriam's were going to accommodate him for some days. 

After one week and a bit we left Coruna heading South.

The American(denis and wendy and their 2 children) family asked to join us till Gibraltar. They are new to sailing business and the fact that they also had 2 kids was a perfect match and company for the next few weeks.

La Coruna was a great stop, 8 days that went fast.