Mon 13 Aug 2012 19:39

When we left Bermeo we went to go to Santander but as soon as we were sailing it was very choppy(3m+) and not much wind and autopilot stopped working.

With this promising picture better to stop in the next port which was Bilbao.

We arrived by 1400 hsto Getxo Marina.

Very modern marina with all facilities.

 Spanish people quit by noon for their siesta .

What looked at the beginning as a one day stopped ended up being 4days stay.

Great place for children. They had games/beach/ Mc Donalds/pontoon fishing/other children's around…..A Feast for them,!!

We enjoyed eating outside(Spain is not expensive) and no major mkt around(good excuse Miriam!!)

Myself had to work quite a lot. Since no marina internet facilities had to go everyday to the nice and alive bar@ the marina . Fine working time + loads of complain fm Miriam, why was I spending so much time there?????

Miriam went to Bilbao by Metro and for a change she got lost in  her way back and ended up in a different train station. I thought this only would happen to people with no spanish understanding?

I serviced the engine and tried unsuccessful to trade off my mariner outboard.

After a good relaxing time we left on Saturday 18th in the morning towards Galicia.