Fri 27 Jul 2012 10:14

Lovely small village.

we arrived quite late at night(2300 hs) . We had a great 15 knots upwind sailing to reach the marina.
Concarneau bay is quite difficult as there are may rocks around. We had to round one at night within only 10 meters, good skipper skills!

Concarneau is a lively village. This was sour first ashore trip after we left Lymington.

We spent 2 days with great weather conditions. It was hot so decided to use the aircon. Because it has a minimum temp setting(17 c) I could not tested in England properly. Bad news: the cooling system not working properly. Need to fix it.

Miriam went tothe mkt and got wonderful(but expensive) fresh local produce. Langoustines, fresh mussels,olives,cheese,bread…. Always is a treat in France to go to the mkt and taste different food.

Family went to the beach twice while I tried to fix things in the boat and work a bit.

We left on Saturday morning and previous to our departure I bought a 10/12 lbs rod and some lures.

Once again we refuel(quite tricky place to do so) and we head to Lorient.

Very nice sailing. Did not use the engine till we arrive to the bay of Lorient.

Weather had chanted and wind built up, up to 27/28 knots. Waves were 2.5 mts. As we arrived to the bay entrance, one big wave made us jib unexpectedly with is always a major risk. The mainsail got jammed and we had to worked hard to furl it in in 30 knots wind!
Quite an experience in the middle of the waves. Some shouting here and there but after 30 mins we manage to solve it out.

Arrived to marina by 2230 hrs.