Mon 23 Jul 2012 09:37


On Monday 2000 hrs we arrived to L'Aber-Wrach(what a name God!)

This is a small port/marina in the heart of Brittany.
We sailed 30 hrs from Lymington.
No problem over night, Miriam helped with one shift of 4 hrs which was a great relief.

The day was nice and we had to motored most of the way.
Children got used to the long Journey. Plenty of computers around,some reading and games.

The high note of the day was that we saw a whale. Still we have the doubt it it was a big dolphin or a small whale . We sailed arnd the area(not to close) to try to get a better view but she vanished.
John was very concern about us getting to close .

After this event, we cruised all the way to Aber-Wrach where we got a buoyant spent the night .

The morning after , based on the local marina guy advise we left by lunch time to round Finisterre. After 2 hrs sailing against a big swell I noted that something was not right with timing.
I looked into my books and figured out that it was the wrong time! I learnt now not to trust anyone else and do my own planning.

Next day we left early in the morning and we head to Cameret, very near to Brest.
Finisterre is very tricky place and if you don't do it with the right tide you can have problems.
Luckily weather was OK , we were this time at the right time .
We deiced to to further on and we ended up in Concarneau.