Sun 22 Jul 2012 09:17
The Set Off

Sadly the day came on Sunday 22nd.
During the week and the weeks before we had saying bye bye to many people . We were 10 days late compare with the day we planned to leave.
Nevertheless this helped to soften up the grief.
Here we are , looking forward to do 7 months sailing . Children are very excited .
We had a small incident trying to refuel in Hamble. The current and wind were so strong that we ended up against another big Motorboat. We had to wait for one hour for the hyde to turn. It was wonderful and sunny day . Boats were queuing for fuel so we decided to go to Lymington instead.
Once we left Lymington, weather was pleasant , wind on 10 knots,1700 hs heading to L'Aber-Wrach , France.
Jez took some pictures from us leaving but pictures are not with me as yet. Will edit this entry soon.Still learning how to blog!!!!!!