day 18

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Thu 2 Feb 2012 11:24
position 13:04.7 N 59:22.4 W
 In the wee dark hours last night, the light pollution of barbados increased its glow above the horizon . We see land! What is this word 'land'? It has become taboo over the last 18 days. Many subjects have been discussed, but never 'land'; a lost hope in a world of suspended animation. We have shared our secret supplies of chocolate, crosswords, music and the last orange, but never voiced how much we wanted to be on land. When there is no choice, what's the point?
I was asked/told to deliver the 3 members of the Cox family to Barbados, with due regard for their importance. Mission accomplished. No one was tied to the mast (shame!); no one threatened with walking the plank ( close, but I'd forgotten where I stowed the plank!) I was going to insist that everyone made their own cat-o-nine-tails just in case of gross disorder, but even that wasn't necessary (shame again!)
The Crown of Glory for Outstanding Achievement, goes to the wind pilot self-steering system. It worked tirelessly and mostly without fault to keep us on a direct course for days on end. Tim casually proposed the awarding of this accolade, and its recipient. I agreed. Then he became very animated with suggestions for re naming 'her'! Good Lord, not that old chestnut again. It's definitely time we went ashore.
P.S. We have fulfilled our dream to sail our boat across the Atlantic. We are fantastically lucky to have been able to achieve this. For years I have pounced on (verbally) anyone I met who admitted to having sailed across to the Carribean on a small yacht. Eager to be inspired, I was always met with a wry smile, a wistful grin and vaguely encouraging, but not rapturous, comments. I often wondered what I was NOT being told. Now I is a long, long way; it is very blue and vast and the weather can be uncomfortably unfavourable.
If you would like to do such a thing, sit down, grab the phone, and book yourself a plane ticket.
Apart from all that, it was amazing!