day 9

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Tue 24 Jan 2012 13:05
position 15:19.080 N  41:26.082 W
I'm exhausted. Spent all morning in the kitchen with the sun burning through the hatch above and the oven on!! I'm doing lunch today.. can't let them think that Master Chef is a two horse race, now can I? Tiger helped enormously by catching another big meaty fish yesterday afternoon, so I'll be serving up dorado fillets (skinless and boneless) in cornflour batter, accompanied by creamed potato (no fresh veg left); then tea and homemade flapjacks at 4pm. Shame you can't all come to the Mid Atlantic Diner for lunch. We saw the most beautiful rainbow last eve, just as a little squall had rinsed us down; a full semi circle of all the colours against the dark grey of the background clouds. Sunsets and sunrises don't really amount to much. No dramatic hues, just white and silver rays of light. Not enough dust in the atmosphere to produce vivid tones? Always worth a photo though.