day 4

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Thu 19 Jan 2012 12:17
position 15:51.1 N  31:06.3 W
day 4 is turning out to be much the same as day 3. A bit overcast and some rain drops this morning. 8 bodies on deck from kamakaze flying fish. King rescued one which landed next to him in the night on deck and he sent it flapping back to the ocean. We tried eating them yesterday, but so many tiny bones are not pleasant on the palate, you wind up spitting most of your dinner over the side. Last night was very clear sky, so millions of stars came out to sparkle. Tim always says he sees a shooting star, I always tell him it's a satellite. The phosphoresence in the water is also making an appearance. It is as if the night fairies are out with glitter sprinklers beside and behind the boat. Any disturbed water becomes a tumbling array of sparks for a second or two. Sometimes it's like we have jet engines behind each hull (oh, I wish) . So, for now, it's on with another book.