day 5

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Fri 20 Jan 2012 12:28
position 15:47.7 N 33:26.4 W
Trade wind sailing.. romantic images of Tropical sunshine, Tall ships, a freshwater cockpit shower every couple of days and dry off in the sun..
Day 5-same as day 4; Overcast sky with sunny intervals-same; wind direction-same; wind strength and frequency of early morning gusts-same; Book title-same; Slight smell of salty clothing and musty socks-same; prospect for tomorrow-same.
Are you starting to get the picture? 'Romantic' is as far away as Bardados, as may be the cockpit shower, I fear. No wonder they needed 1/4 pint of rum a day to cope with reality. Things could be much worse so no complaining. We are all aware that the boat sails well and the winds are fair. We could be on a monohull which rolls back and forward all day long. We carve a track more like a side winder snake with convultions.
It is a well known phenomenon that long term cruisers begin to identify with inanimate objects on board and to name them ,(Rowan the Dinghy, Bob the anchor, that kind of thing)Well today.. it happened...the self steering is mostly very accurate with only occaissional lapses of concentration, but when these occur, despite his detailed instructions to King and me, only Tim can make it work again. I pointed this fact out to him this morning, saying that the self steering was clearly female with a crush on him and therefore would only do HIS bidding. His one word answer was 'Jemmima, it's called Jemmima'
Oh Dear, now I DO wonder what tomorrow will bring.