day 13

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Sat 28 Jan 2012 12:26
position 14:54.3 N 48:36.4 W
It was a wild night. Big cross swell. Gusts in the early hours. When we were doing 8-10 kts under reefed mains and jib, something had to be done!! (too fast means a lot of water over the deck and sledgehammering on the hull sides, plus undue strain on the rigging) Boys appear to have a remarkable ability to deny all this, and slumber on. It's not difficult when the weather is warm, to get up, don the lifejacket, step out into the cockpit, clip on safety line, and start to make the sails smaller. Then a quick check to alter course if necessary, scan the dark horizon for even darker clouds (which indicate gusts) and back to bed again. Repeat  every 2 hours until sunrise, when everything seems to settle down and Tim pops up from a hull, with tea! Now, where's my book?