day 15

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Mon 30 Jan 2012 12:33
position 14:52.5 N  53:09.3 W
Another sunny, windy day on the Good Ship Bumblebee. Last night had Tim, King and I popping our heads out of each hull and the centre pod like those mongoose relatives who are ordered out to do sentry duty. The boat managed an involuntary gybe after surfing at 16 kts which was not wise. It brought the 3 of us on deck as if we were jet propelled. All was brought back under control with a minimum of words and we scurried back to our respective burrows. Meerkat Manor Afloat..'' Will Tim be able to tie a reef knot properly before we reach Barbados? Can Julia find King's supply of Twix's before he eats them all? How much longer can Tiger sit on a bean bag, reading, without losing the use of his legs? Will King really be able to eat all those baked beans before the tins go rusty? '' We may never know!