day 7

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Sun 22 Jan 2012 12:21
position 15:37.8 N 37:34.1 W
Picture this.. 4 people, 2 bean bags, one deckchair, one cushion; around a large tupperware container doubling as a table in the middle of the cockpit floor; in the shade of the afternoon sun; while the spinnaker transports them across a saphire blue sea; playing magnetic Scrabble and drinking tea with another batch of banana bread!! Like it? Well that was us yesterday afternoon. We are enjoying some lovely, warm and relatively unchallengeing sailing (however, it was essential that the Scrabble was magnetic, and we're secretly grateful that it was the last of the bananas.) The soft carrots, bruised apples, soggy onions and mouldy bread rolls have gone to Davy Jones' larder. But we have lots of eggs, flour, porridge along with the ubiquitous rice and tins of stew. Tim converts such ingredients into gourmet dishes in minutes, even if certain combinations of flavour are 'interesting'. And Tiger and I believe that King has a secret hoard of Twix, as we have noticed one or two empty wrappers about the place. He may have to become a light sleeper.