day 17

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Wed 1 Feb 2012 12:16
position 14:07.6 N  57:36.0 W
It may be midday for you, but for us it is almost 08.30am. No real chance for the day's happenings to occur yet! The jib is still poled out to starboard, where it has been, day and night, for the last 4 days. Gazing into the blue yonder yesterday afternoon, King saw a dolphin jump out of the water about 50ft behind the boat. We then witnessed a spectacular display. The dolphins leap off the wave tops, twist and disappear, only to come hurtling down a breaking wave beside you seconds later. A small group of 10 or so, inches below the surface, effortlessly cruising at 15 kts. After a couple of minutes, a shoal of flying fish went scudding across the water, in the other direction. As if on command, all the dolphins did a handbrake turn and vanished! We hope to make Barbados tomorrow morning, just time for the last episode of everyday life on the ocean wave.