Tim and Julia and Tiger
Wed 11 Jan 2012 12:16
Position 18:47.8 N  23:32.7 W 
All good still. Unbelievably nice sailing. Spinny up, Av 5 kts. 148M to go. Doubtless our final approaches to Mindelo at Sao Vincente harbour  will be in the dark, no matter how hard our efforts to the contrary. To shut up my complaints about barren ocean, yesterday we saw a shark fin about 20 ft away, not for long. Then the most wonderful (as always) dolphin display mid afternoon for about half an hour. they appear from nowhere, about 30 strong and play happily zigzagging in front of the boat, inches away. They ride between the hulls at the front just under the water and surface to breathe so close that you could touch them. King saw first signs of human today.. a floating plastic bottle, so we must be getting closer!
Love to all,