day 4

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Sun 8 Jan 2012 12:31
Position 23 degrees 25.05 N  20 degrees 21.9 W.
 This is more like it. uneventful night, just the usual constant annoying clunks and rattles at sporadic intervals. Crew all seem to sleep soundly though. Dawn is always good to see, Tim sees it first! then me at about 8.00am King is still on USA time and there is a conspiracy to keep him on the 2 - 5 am watch for the next 3 weeks at least. this may involve a sureptitious changing of all clocks without him knowing. We are cruising along with the parasail up, a huge good natured spinnaker which pulls us along at a nice 6 knots We have many eggs to eat and the oranges are not lasting very well, but Tim is a fully recovered cook so meals come regularly again! Tiger dutifully puts his fishing line out each day, but I think we are going a bit too fast to catch any thing edible. We're all ripping through the books. So far Tiger is lost in the jungle, I'm in post-war France, Tim is in the Atlantic on a slave boat (how true) and King is catching up with latest ideas on climate change. Average daily mileage is 120 - 130 M so tomorrow will be 'Half Way To Cap Verde' Day. xxxxxxx