day 11

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Thu 26 Jan 2012 12:19
position 15:14.9 N 44:43.5 W
If it seems like we have gone backwards in the night.. it is not because of a strong and little - known counter current, it is because of a strong and well known denial by people who wear reading glasses, that they don't really need them. In future I will ALWAYS find and put on my glasses before squinting at the small numbers on a small screen. Sorry about that. Today's position is, I hope, factually correct. It is overcast with sunny intervals, but remains warm and quite humid no matter what time of day. Tiger has just caught another beautiful dorado on his home made squid lure, so we will eat well again tonight. The wind dropped overnight giving us a poor 2-3 kts of speed, so our daily run in the last 24 hrs was under 100 miles. Can't do anything about it, except remark that too slow is better than too fast.