Day 10

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Wed 25 Jan 2012 12:27
position 15:10.443 N    44:17.325 W
Not much to report today. We're back to tinned stew and rice, so the galley fever was only temporary! On cue to contradict me, the sunset was a beautiful sky-covering crimson, followed this morning by an equally glorious orange sunrise. it has finally become warm enough for me to dispense with my woolly hat at night. In fact, all shirts come off before breakfast now and stay off till sunset. The sea is almost flat, by atlantic standards, so we loll around in the shade, reading, mulling over life's universal dilemas, or in Tiger's case, doing Maths (don't waste your sypathy, it's only for 1 hour). Oh yes, forgot to mention.. WE ARE HALF WAY !!! half way to nowhere. A mere 1159 miles to do all over again!