Day 8

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Thu 12 Jan 2012 12:26
Position 17:44.4 N  24:15.3 W.
Well today progress is slow. Wind has dropped, we're only doing 4 kts. Good for daily life though. I now have perfectly plucked eyebrows! Sailing at night is currently under a full moon which is like leaving the light on, with a hazy view of a few stars. Orian's belt, usually low on the eastern horizon at home, is now almost directly overhead. We heard an aeroplane in the distant sky this morn so we must be getting close to somewhere. Tiger is a little dissappointed by the lack of fish, but we are trailing a fine assortment of plastic mackerel and tinfoil so hopefully it won't be long before a half blind and starving dorado with no sense of smell, takes the bait. Conversation is good, topics vary widely, no threats issued. A lot of time is spent in silence as we all have our nose in a  different book. 61 Miles to go, so that will guarantee a night time arrival! The moon will help.