Day 2

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Tue 17 Jan 2012 12:19
position 16:13.8 N 26:41.8 W
Well this is counted as day 2 coz we started yesterday afternoon. Mindelo had provisioned us with gas, water and bread rolls for King (a breakfast 'must have'). Tim shopped til he dropped for tasty meals afloat. I hope this intensive domestic activity will not have any long term phsychological effect. I went up the mast to redo a spinnaker shackle, then down to the bilges to fix the re-leaking water tank. It was fixed by emptying it, folding it up and buying lots of bottles of water instead. Tiger selected his next 5 books to read, our passports and ships papers were duly stamped, and then there was simply nothing else to do but GO. It was a horrible lumpy day/night with a cross swell and too much wind, but now we are well out to sea it has all calmed down a bit. Still heading SW to connect with the trade winds, hopefully tomorrow.
2204 Miles to go.