day 5

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Mon 9 Jan 2012 12:26
Hello again,
position 21 degrees 47.8 N, 21 degrees 20.2 W.
Well, another uneventful night. Hurray. Sun up at 7.30 brought more clear sky, so when Tim surfaced at 10 am up went the spinnaker ( I forbid night flying of this giant on the grounds of its tempramental nature). Now doing 7-8 knts and no splashes. Yesterday, just before the banana bread was due to go into the oven (let your imaginations of culinary bliss be limitless) I lifted up the bilge board in the starboard hull to be confronted with a lot of sloshing brown water. After an initial private panic I did what instinct told me to.. stuck my finger in and licked it!! NO was fresh water! Anyway, after deployment of buckets, sponges and the heavy duty pump, we concluded that the fresh water bladder had been overfilled in Tenerife before leaving ( my fault entirely, for which I may be keelhauled at a later date) and the pressure had caused a lot of water to leak out of one of the hose fittings. Drama over, we'll pull out the offending items and dry them off in Cap Verdes. Thankfully, due to King's insistance on examining the water maker, we know that we can make fresh water on demand. Although at 4L per hour it's hard work to fill the paddlingpool.
WE ARE ONLY 400 miles away now, so over half way to CVs. Still waiting for the butter to melt. The boys strip down to shorts around midday, but for some reason I am still sporting Dubarrys, sallopettes, body warmer and woolly hat. Maybe I'm just on the shady side of the boat.