day 14

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Sun 29 Jan 2012 12:18
position 15:09.9 N 50:52.15 W
Same lumpy old night. I think we may have seen the last of lazing around the boat on an even keel in a balmy breeze. We migrate to the corner of the cockpit that is least likely to get sprayed and read our books with elbows in! ... a bit like waiting for the parole board to decide our fate.  Only 590 miles to go, but no chance of an early release. We are sailing through broken up patches of sargasso weed. It's bright ocre 'leaves' stick above the water. Tiger says he saw a crab on a patch of it yesterday. That crab's up for an adventure! I've read my choice of books too; just can't face '1812' or 'Hirohito'. Maybe it's time to learn to meditate.