day 16

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Tue 31 Jan 2012 12:15
position 14:31.4 N 55:26.1 W
Just under 300 miles to go. We're getting there. It makes a cross channel trip seem like a quick tack across Piddinghoe pond. The highlight of yesterday afternoon was the catching of a HUGE dorado, again on Tiger's home made squid-lure. When you realise something has been hooked, it appears as a brilliant blue fish shape just under the surface of the water, far behind. Then begins the reeling in, followed by all hands ready to pin down a flailing mad monster as it is hauled aboard. At which point all the blue colour disappears and it becomes silver and yellow as if by magic. Yesterdays hefty female smacked Tim and Tiger across the shins before being sat on by Tim, leaning on it via a bucket, and King keeping its head down with the boathook handle. I produced the murder weapon and Tiger did the deed. There's no smacking these guys on the head with a winch handle, it has to be a direct stab and twist behind the eye, usually twice. Then we all go quiet and a bit remorseful; gaze in awe at a beautiful sea creature (this female had a lot of roe); sad at knowing that they pair for life, so somewhere out there is a grieving widower; and discuss how we should cook it THIS time. There is enough to feed 15 people, so we've decided not to try to catch anymore!