day 6

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Tue 10 Jan 2012 12:13
position 20:12.8N 22:29.6W
More lovely sailing. Bit more cloud around but still hazy sunshine. 5-6kts under spinnaker- again! We still stick resolutely to our overnight watch keeping but I suspect we all secretly wonder if it is worth the bother. No ships apart from a distant coaster yesterday morn. In fact, very little life at all. In 5 days we have seen a small distant pod of pilot whales, the odd bird or two for a few seconds as they dive towards the waves then fly quickly out of sight, half a wooden pallet and half a dozen Portugese men of War. Not to be confused with the Mary Rose fighting ship, these are a cluster of symbiotic creatures pretending to be a jellyfish. All you see is a hand-sized transparent fin sticking up out of the water, as they sail on over the seas. Tiger spotted a fly on his lifejacket today, so he has a pet after all. If all sailing was like this, it would be almost enjoyable!
268M to CV. Daily average seems to be 120-139M. Not bad for a 35ft overladen catamaran.