day 6

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Sat 21 Jan 2012 11:59
position 15:51.04 N 35:29.23 W
Nice sunny morning. Flying along under spinnaker. Tim has not relapsed into naming equipment on board, so hopefully it was just a one night stand. Actually, the 'temptress on the back beam' is working very nicely today without intervention from her master, and is guiding us through the waves like an express train driver. Conversation is not in full swing until about 4pm when we're probably all saturated with reading material for another day. Then come topics for discussion, usually instigated by King, who is good at that kind of thing... have you ever picked up someone elses bag at the airport?..why does a photon sometimes behave like a particle and sometimes like a wave?...were the eggs we bought in the supermarket in Cap Verde fresh or refridgerated? .. you know..general trivia.