Day 3

Tim and Julia and Tiger
Sat 7 Jan 2012 12:17
Position 24 degrees 55.2 N  19 degrees 14.1 W. Much better day today. Nice F3 overnight, 4 kts with only the occaissional  sledgehammer from the side. No ships, so snoozing on night watch was officially allowed. Now we're belting along under a cloudless sky 6-7 kts. These ocean seas are quite big, they really don't let you do much else except read, the boat slews around and rolls just enough to prevent you from any other useful activity. It is much MUCH nicer than when we started.. I think we all thought.. bloody hell, a week of this and I'm jumping ship as soon as we arrive anywhere. we had some lovely Jan 6th pressies from our Spanish friends David, Sara and Joseph.. enough alcohol to last until the rum comes on stream. more soon.