Day 10 - 36:30N 50:45W - Waypoint 7 southern route

Paul Downie
Mon 28 Jun 2010 21:24
There may be one further entry tomorrow before Rosie disappears for 2 weeks with ORCA surveying and acting Wildlife Officer onboard the Spirit of Adventure on the Scandinavian Summer Nights trip.  She has been my 'weather-router' up til now as originally I was going to take the middle route to the Azores, but changed to the southern route when Rosie found high winds predicted across 38-39 degN.  She has also been updating this diary.
This week looks relatively settled as current W-ish winds of up to 23 knots decrease slowly, by then I should soon be within reach of Navtex reports from the Azores.  For the record, I anticipate arrival in the Azores at either Flores or Horta on Faial around Thurs 8th July, which will be Day 20 of the sail from Bermuda, 1700+nm.