Ilels a Goyaves (Pigeon Is.) Reserve Cousteau - 16 10.09N 061 47.51W

Paul Downie
Wed 5 Mar 2008 15:07
Yesterday, Tuesday, we sailed south to Pigeon Island on west coast Guadeloupe - we circumnavigated the island to locate a buoy we could use for a mooring today. We spent a very rolly night in the Malendure Beach mainland anchorage and motored back to the island at 0700 this morning, picking up a buoy very close to the rocks by Pointe Barracuda.
We have just returned from a dive in crystal clear waters, home to beautiful coral and a profusion of fish - we can now understand why Jaques Cousteau put Pigeon Island on the map as far as diving is concerned. The waters are very deep close to the shore 50+m with a narrow shelf off the rocks at about 12-20m so the occasional deep water pelegics swim by - a long silvery predator passed by us, which we think was a Jnr King Mackeral 18" long.
Paul took some great underwater video, but on playing back nothing was recorded as it appears the head needs cleaning...very disappointing! But we will do it all again this afternoon.