En route Cape Verde: 24 33.25N 20 00.33W

Paul Downie
Fri 30 Nov 2007 09:59
It is morning of Day 4 and we have been visited by a large pod of delightful dolphins who spent over an hour with us. We watched them from the pulpit as they raced Barada's bow-wave, at one moment they were 10 abreast and 3-deep and a few of them kept looking up at us showing their white undersides. A special moment, which Paul has captured so well on video.
Other than this, the journey so far has been uneventful, but only lights winds F3, not the F4 or F5 reported, and at night they fall to F2 so we make way slowly at night, taking turns to sleep, and put the engine on about 7am. To day 3 we average 7hrs under motor!