Day 3 - 33:58.968N, 62:36.036W - Whales and Dolphins

Paul Downie
Mon 21 Jun 2010 21:42
Bermuda Harbour Radio are very efficient and took Barada's details on departure with destination port and estimated time of arrival so that my whereabouts are known to them - I must contact them on arrival Azores otherwise they will raise concern and report me as overdue!  Progress has been slow with little wind and what there is is on the nose, there is a high over Bermuda and the Azores! I have motored some of the time but need to conserve diesel so spent some time becalmed. 
Sunday morning the sea looked like moving velvet, surreal. Because of calm conditions saw 3 lots of whales, not sure looked like Fin Whales with a short blow, all heading NW towards the States. Also saw a pod of dolphins heading in the same direction.
Monday morning wind shifted SW doing 2-3 kts hip-hip-hoorah!