Anchored at Arguineguin, south Gran Canara 27 45.58N 15 41.12W

Paul Downie
Sun 7 Oct 2007 13:21
We left Las Palmas at 0730 yesterday morning and motor-sailed in sunshine
and light airs to anchor off the beach at 1615. Very peaceful after the
coming-and-goings of Las Palmas, tho our favourite sea-birds the terns were
here diving for their tea. To our surprise a lovely Swedish couple, Aynar
and Lisa, on Woy are anchored here - we had met them 7 weeks previously in
Las Palmas and had taken their berth when they left. Aynar had been very
helpful when I spoke with him informing me about a local solar panel
manufacturer in Las Palmas and also about the anchorage here at Arguineguin,
so it was surprising to arrive here and see Woy on arrival (a distinctive
yellow-hulled yacht).

Update: We were at Las Palmas for 7 weeks, far longer than planned, during
which time flexi-Solar Panels were fitted to the coach roof and the Wind
Generator conversion was added to the Ampair tow-generator appliance. Both
items were ordered from the UK, the latter Wind Generator required
considerable time and work fabricating a sturdy stainless-steel frame to
support the unit - welding being my speciality! A multitude of other jobs
were completed including a thorough checking of the rigging (another
excursion up the mast) and the sails were thoroughly washed.
We felt we had earned a day off, so on 1st October we celebrated the
conclusion of works and took a bus into the Mountains via Teror to Lanzarote
(a mountain village), from where we walked 3km up to Cuevo Concho...
sometimes through cloud, a much cooler climate. Caves in which the original
Canarios lived litter the mountain sides and the birdlife is prolific - we
saw a pair of Buzzard-like birds of prey and a kestrel, also a Woodpecker
and heard many more unidentified birdsong. The terrain was very rugged with
deep ravines and towards the central mountainous region the peaks pierced
the sky at 6,000feet. The air was heavy with scented eucalyptus and
occasionally with pine. We took a track down a hillside in search of the
Cave Concho and spent sometime just sitting on a stoney outcrop absorbing
the scenery around us and the mystical atmosphere. A 1.5hour bus-ride down
through the mountain villages and countless hair-pin bends bought us safely
back to San Telmo bus terminal after a very enjoyable day.