Caribbean bound...... at 1100 UTC 21 25.17N 33 14.12W

Paul Downie
Sat 8 Dec 2007 11:28
Sorry folks - we've been busy.....
12 days since leaving Gomera includes 7 days into the Atlantic Crossing, should reach half-way later today as covering nearly 2 degrees per day (120nm per day).
What a Monster (Rosie's word) these Tradewinds and Seas are - a constant driving force, wild with moods...strong accelerations F5-F6 average for us with F7 gusts, occasionally F4 but rare. It has thrown us quite a few challenges, but the able Skipper and his mate have met those challenges headon.
We see v.few ships, but enjoy the company of flying fish (strange smallish silver torpedoes), and birds incl guillimots and others. The crew are enjoying an exilerating experience, very tiring at times with only the 2ofUs!
Update in a few days as time allows.