Las Gallettas, Tenerife......

Paul Downie
Wed 24 Oct 2007 13:57
Did I say a secure Marina?
This is the first time that I have seen yachts in constant motion like
synchronised-dancing, as pontoons moved backwards and forwards with a
v.strong surge in otherwise calm waters!
After a good nights sleep Paul went to get off Barada and found approx. 1
metre of the starboard wooden strike including the fairlead ripped off and
missing (Paul retrieved this from the seabed later). It was at this time
that we became aware of the surge, the movement of the boats and the
apparent poor design of the Marina. What must have been a lovely anchorage
had been eaten up by a cheaply-designed money-making venture of a
Marina..... or that is our opinion, anything to relieve tourists or
yachtsmen of their money. The annoying thing is the exhorbitant charge
compared to other Marinas we have stayed in, which had better facilities
and were more secure.

In the first instance the Marina staff seemed concerned (and we think
aware of the short-comings) but Admin were non-commital and suggested our
Insurance Co. contact theirs! Subsequently the surge dissipated after
24hrs. The WC and cold showers had to be unlucked by security staff (no
keys available), no laundry, diesel pump fitted but no fuel, water and
electricity charged extra.

All this said, Las Callettas is a very nice non-tourist seaside fishing
port and town, dark sand rocky beaches - lots of diving action, Rays etc.
Fresh fish available by the port-side, plus a first class restaurant La
Marina whose Paella we can recommend. A wild headland with prickly-pear
cactus and other plants stretches around the bay to the lighthouse, a
lovely walking area inhasbited by lizards and other creatures.

Getting the strike repaired could be a problem as the yachts in the ARC
and French Rallies occupy many marine places and fill boatyards.
Nevertheless Maria at the Marina has found a Carpenter at Puerto deVueltas
on La Gomera who may be able to fit us in, so we will sail there on
The sun still shines every day, tho the early hours before daybreak are
very cool and there has been a heavy dew at night soaking everything.