WE HAVE ARRIVED Falmouth Hbr ANTIGUA 17 00.92N 61 46.38W

Paul Downie
Tue 25 Dec 2007 17:56
Anchor down 1300 Antigua-time (1700 UK-time).
The Tradewind Dragons blew us all the way (and kept us up last night with squall after squall). A Force 4 lively entrance under engine to a fairly crowded large anchorage.
It is beautiful here, the seabirds are enchanting, but we are too tired to enjoy it for now and are going to have a sleep, probably a long sleep - we will celebrate our arrival and Christmas tomorrow, tho arriving here is the best Christmas gift we could have.
We are both ECSTATIC, tho there are really no words to express all our feelings at this moment.
It has been tuff with just the two of us running the boat for exactly 4 weeks and we are extremely tired.
Thank you all for your support. Pictures will follow in due course.