Tues 23 Oct. Anchorage at Puerto de Vueltas VGR GOMERA 28 04.8N 17 19.9W

Paul Downie
Wed 24 Oct 2007 14:05
A 9 hr sail, first in light airs with motor on, the sun shimmering on the
sea, then with between 10-19knots NE wind as we crossed the sea between
the islands, spotting a pod of dolphins at a distance. Then motor-sail
again as the wind dropped in the shadow of La Gomera with its steep sided
cliffs, the wind finally turning to a brisk NW as we neared the SW corner
of the Island. We passed a dozen or so Fulmars skimming the waves in
search of their supper as we reached our destination, just as the sun was

A stunning anchorage backed with very high red cliffs, a most dramatic
setting and the trillions of stars visible at night are an awesome sight.
Last night was very warm, no covers needed - the Kalima wind is reported
to be blowing.

We went ashore today but couldnŽt find anyone who know about our arrival
or the strike repairwork, not the VCapitano, nor Fatima in the harbour
office, not Connie the German newspaper publisher or Volka the Carpenter
and Whale-watcher!
Anyway we very much like it here and want to linger, walk some trails - it
is different here with a unique beauty that begs to be explored.