Tension is in the air on Barada today......... 17 37.88N 59 24.79W

Paul Downie
Sun 23 Dec 2007 16:03
.......as well as anticipation.
The Wind Dragons have been good to us and we had a reasonable sail Friday/Saturday night, but the Easterly tradewind dropped again 1530 on Saturday when we had to switch on the Engine to keep moving forward until 2025.
We sailed slowly F3-F2-F1 last night til 0420 when Paul reset the sails to starboard on a Port tack, close-hauled, as SW airs set in, but also had to use the engine again.
The engine is still running and the last 20litres of Diesel went in at 1100 Barada time -3UTC.
145nm to go and only 9 gal in tank = 21 hrs sailing at 4.4knots (leaving 2 gal/dregs in tank).
We have pinched a bit extra from the sails to make 4.8 to 5 knots speed. I leave the maths 2U....with some extra wind to help we can make it to Antigua, otherwise we need to meet a boat with at least 5gal or 20litres of Diesel to spare for us!

We wish all our Web-Readers a JOYOUS CHRISTMAS