Tues 4th Dec. 0930 - Tradewind Sailing to Caribbean 22 18.33N 25 51.11W

Paul Downie
Tue 4 Dec 2007 10:08
Since leaving Gomera we have now covered 600nm - 2,040nm to go!!
At this continuous pace it could take 20 days, which would mean arriving Christmas Eve or soonafter, but that is being somewhat hopeful.
Two days into the Trades and it is a 'roller-coaster' ride to put it mildly - no way could you think of turning around, this is a one-way ride. The windspeed varies F4-F6, so an average of F5. We are both amazed at the constant strength of the wind pushing the waves west as Barada rides over them and it is an exhilerating experience being propelled along.
The physical aspect is getting used to disruptive sleep, caused by the 3 hour Watch-system that we have to maintain 24 hours a day - to keep a watchout for ships, trimming the sails and other activities, which include cooking, washing, checking weather reports and emails, and all this with the constant yawing and rolling motion of the yacht...very fatiguing. This has an effect on our metabolism generally, takes the edge off our appetite, energy dissipates quickly etc.
Watch this space....