Isla Lobos and Corralejo, Fuerteventura 28 44.43N 13 51.83W

Paul Downie
Sun 29 Jul 2007 18:00
At long last the winds and sea have settled for day-or-two so we setsailon Tuesday 17th for a day at the island of Lobos (SeaWolf Island), tho sadly there are no longer any seals to be seen! It was so nice not to be battered by the winds, which have frayed our nerves a little over the last few weeks.
It was only 5nm to the island from Playa Blanca across the Estrecho de la Bocayna towards Fuertaventura. We anchored on the south side of the island in 5m of crystal clear turquoise sea, so tranquil. We just chilled enjoying the surroundings and snorkelling in the clear waters. We decide to chance an overnight stay as the winds were not due to pickup again for 24hours, and we had a good night. We would have liked to stay another day to walk on the island and do some diving, but the winds freshened around 10am the next day, and knowing that high winds and even a gale was due to set in, so we decided to see if we could reach Puerto del Castillo on the east coast of Fuerteventura. We up-anchor and head down the El Rio and out to sea but 1.5hrs out and the winds increas through 14, 22 and eventually 27knots ENE, plus the waves were larger with breaking crests - so another 2.5hrs appeared dicey if the winds continued to increase as the small Marina had an easterly entrance so could prove a problem if the swell was too high. We therefore played safe and about-turned making for the shelter of Is. Lobos again and Corralejo Harbour and Marina on the North coast of Fuerteventura. When we arrived it was hot and sunny with a nice breeze, a nice sheltered spot to sit out another Blow!

A fantastic firework display across the waters of the Bay that same evening heralded a week of Festivities 'In Honour of Our Lady of Carmen' their Patron Saint of Fishermen - there was a week of Traditional Dancing, Traditional Singing, a Pop Concert, Dances and sporting competitions galore, ending with a traditional BarBQ on the beach.
The Old Town by the Harbour still retains a good percentage of traditional Majorean homes, many of which have been extended into restaurants on the seafront. A larger tourist area stretches around the eastern side of the Bay, which is fringed by traditional looking buildings in the main and windsurfers fly across the bay waters. There is plenty to do here with Kiteboarding, Windsurfing and surfing along with Cat. and boat trips to the islands, mountain-biking and walking, snorkelling and diving. The nightlife is also very good with a good selection of live music in the bars and restaurants. Corralejo has a flavour of Galicia about it, with their beer and traditional foods on sale here and we understand that a number of Galicians from NW Spain have settled here. Plenty of good supermarkets, including our favourite Spar.

The pontoon mooring fees are only 6? a night, tho there are no showers. We therefore use our Solar Shower in the cockpit and use the FerryPort toilets during the day when open.
We hope to move on direct to Morro Hable on the south of the Fuerteventura in the next few days.