INDIAN CREEK...... 17 00.28N 61 44.52W

Paul Downie
Thu 31 Jan 2008 21:49 named after the Arawak Indians who used to have their largest settlement here circa AD 300-1200 bringing pineapples, peanuts, papaya, cotton and tobacco from South America.
We moved the 2.5mls east to Indian Creek at midday on Tuesday 29th and made our way up the short winding and narrow channel to the protected and secluded basin near the head of the Creek and anchored in time for lunch. A complete contrast here to the social centres of English & Falmouth Harbours, this hideaway is home only to Pelicans, Herons, birds and to goats roaming the cactus strewn hillsides.....and of course fish, which is why there are so many Pelicans here who catch their tea in the shallower waters of the Mangroves where small fish constantly jump out of the water (for flies maybe). In the evening sunshine the Pelicans sit on rocks by the shore drying their open wings.

Below Indian Creek Point (atop of which is Eric Clapton's mansion) at the entrance from the sea lies Sunken Rock, and an extensive area to ScubaDive with a profusion of greatly varied underwater life. The rock strata of the Point produces layers of ledges, which are abundant with fish and home to particular species who like to hide for protection in the crevices and under overhangs e.g. Groupers, Rock Hinds, shy Squirrelfish, schools of Yellow Goatfish etc etc. The rock and sand bottom has the occasional massive tree-coral formation of Elkhorn rising several meters from the rock base - smaller colourful fish...Damsels, Butterfly fish and Wrasse inhabit clusters of coral on the seabed, whilst larger fish swim about freely around Bar Jack, Yellow & Mutton Snapper, Blue Tang, Parrotfish.... The occasional lone Great Barracuda 4-5' long patrol the area and amongst our rarer sightings are: various Filefish (incl Whitespotted in 'orange' phase), a v.large Roughtail Stingray over 4' wide elegantly gliding along just above the sandy bottom, a huge Spiney Lobster and 2 Spotted Drums which are black and white beautifully designed (Rosie says they are like underwater Skunks) and a Highhat.
We will be here for a few days then, weather permitting, move up to Green Island and Nonsuch Bay.