70nm to go....Falmouth Harbour, Antigua, Lesser Antilles CARIBBEAN

Paul Downie
Mon 24 Dec 2007 13:21
It was a squally late afternoon yesterday, followed by a grey skyscape with light rain, then the wind went around the clock over a few hours causing us lots of work with the sails to try to keep going West! Eventually the wind settled to th East again and we were able to get a decent nights sleep between Watches - Barada making walking pace 2-3+knots under a clear starry sky in the early hours. The Full-Moon lightening the sky.....beautiful to behold.
Wecontinue at walking pace, goose-winging again.....very reminiscent of our arrival in the Canaries.
We have enough diesel to run the last 35n.miles with a little in reserve, so have to sail the 35nm to that waypoint. At this pace we should reach the last waypoint around midnight Antigua time (-4 UTC or Greenwich Meantime) leaving an 8hr motor into Falouth Harbour - so guess we may well arrive by midday tomorrow, Christmas Day........ Fingers crossed.
Are your Christmas turkeys ready, mince pies cooked, crackers on the sideboard??? ENJOY :+)