Annual Boat Maintenance

Paul Downie
Sun 2 Sep 2007 14:17
It has been a busy 10 days - the Boatyard is very busy so we have completed all the following jobs:
- cleaning and teak-oiling of all exterior woodwork,
- replaced with new, gland packing and topped up the grease tube,
- oil change and filter replaced with new,
- fuel filter found to be slightly loose - could this be the reason for the engine cutting out after starting, which has got more frequent? Tightened the filter and engine starts OK now every time....that's put a big smile on my face!
- new LED light fitted forward cabin
- got the Dive Compressor working
- sanded and painted the coach-roof

Boatyard still busy so I jumped in and scraped the hull myself part-snorkelling, part-diving. Now clean as a whistle and should last another 6-12 months.

During this time I wanted to fit the wind conversion kit to the Aquair towing generator - firstly I needed a stainless steel pole to extend the pole-mount....this has proved to be a nightmare. I ordered 38mm s/s tube from the chandlery, I took in the aluminium tube pole-mount so that they had the dimensions, when I went back to get my pole they had jammed the wrong end and they couldn't release it! So in the end I had to drill new holes at the top of the aluminium pole-mount so that I can fit the pivot assembly to mount the generator. I have worn out one pair of shoes with the number of times that I went back and forth between Barada and the chandlery. Still havn't fitted the wind-generator because:
- when I came to fit it I found parts were missing, to be exact the Pivot Assembly, so I am awaiting delivery from the UK,
- when I disconnected the towing generator I found that one of the male pins had disintegrated in the in-line plug and socket, so I have had to order a new plug and socket.
I am not at all impressed with the customer-service of Ampair, which is part of Boost Energy Systems in Berkshire, as it is very lack-lustre and apathetic!!

Also looking at solar panels as another form of energy generation (with Euros saved from haul-out).
Wil try to include photos it was not possible to attach before......of Dusky Grouper, baby Loggerhead Turtle and the frogman who cleaned the hull. Here goes.....

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