Snorkelling & Diving

Paul Downie
Sat 21 Jul 2007 18:26
We have been back in Lanzarote over a month and the days fly by.
It has been windier than usual, to a point of annoyance, but this week it is
calmer again.
One of our objectives is to scuba-dive independently wherever we go, so
following a tip from one of the local dive guys we walked to a beach west of
the harbour for a reccy. The breakwater and dropoff lived up to its
description 'teaming with fish' of all sizes, colours and species.
Over the next few days we snorkelled and dived on a number of occasions,
identifying the different species and video-ing some of them.
We are deleriously happy with the location find and were lucky enough to see
a rare Spotted Burrfish, some 3' in length and quite portly. Also saw an
Atlantic Blenny enter a hole backwards, then he sat looking at us and opened
his mouth as if to say 'go away', which was quite amusing. The Ornate or
Turkish Wrasse is quite a character, flashing about like a streak of
electric blue/green. We always consider it a privilege to enter the
underwater world, which is peaceful and calming with an amazing array of
fish, some loners by nature, others in large schools, some so small they are
only silvery streaks of light in the blue-water. Even the small rocky beach
next to the Marina where we snorkel regularly has an amazing variety of

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