Hot and hemmed in.

Tom & Jos Hollway
Wed 7 Nov 2012 18:18
18:24.00N 64:38.00W

I'm surprised that generator, like boat, is not a four letter word.

We sailed back to Nanny Cay on Saturday morning after a delicious swim. The boat had to be tied up in a very tight space as there is an impending charter boat show. Tom shoe horned us in brilliantly but 2 large catamarans then followed opposite so there is no possibility of escape until at least Saturday.

The main obsession has been the generator. We've acid flushed it, back flushed the raw water system, tried it without the thermostat, spoken to it and been cooked by it- it still overheats after about an hour and conks out. In between Tom has done more maintenance on the main engine, and done several outside jobs. As Nanny Cay is a hurricane hole it is well sheltered, ie no breeze in the marina, so very hot ( apologies to those suffering European winter). Currently waiting for the generator expert to return- hopefully with more ideas.

The charter boat show is under way. It is for brokers and almost all the boats here are ENORMOUS catamarans, crewed by staff dressed to match the boats' colours, some of which beggar belief. Apparently so far this is already a better season for bookings than last year - maybe the recession is over!

If this had been only a two week holiday we would have been furious. As it is Tom is being philosophical ......

Eventually we might be able to put a dot on the map in a different place!

Jos and Tom