?Cross the finishing line tomorrow.

Tom & Jos Hollway
Thu 6 May 2010 19:22
28:24N 65:00W
By now you may have noticed from the map that we are "sailing" a tactical race. Still in the middle of high pressure with no wind and glassy ocean, disturbed only by the eerie tracks left by the whales who are migrating north with us. They need to get up there for breeding. At our collective age of 250 years we'll be content with making it to Bermuda, finishing the race in a respectable position and zimmering ashore for the race dinner on Saturday evening.
There has been plenty of activity on board since switching on the engine yesterday. James is on permanent look out for other boats and wildlife, has done some washing up which I don't really allow, and joined Tom and Chris in the constant scrutiny of weather maps, currents and chit chat. Chris has continued to give expert advice re sailing and fishing. He has just done a super repair on one of the two rods - unfortunately the part that had been working is now defunct.... Never mind, we wouldn't be where we are now without him.Tom spends a lot of time on the computer with weather maps and, strangely enough, talking. I have just made chocolate brownies. The thick end segments are like eating elastic sponge with added superglue. The thin end ones are brick hard, rather like Bonios.
I never thought I would say it it but even I could do with more wind. The engine is the only one having a busy time but at least so far, it has propelled us forward. Will try to attach a photo from Tuesday showing the boys launching the cruising chute.
Hope you've all voted. There's still time!
Must go for a nap now. We intend to spend the night blowing into the sails.
Love from the Ancient Marinersxxxx

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