Pelekan update

Tom & Jos Hollway
Tue 27 Apr 2010 19:18
18:24N 64:28W  Greetings from the sunny Caribbean. As you will see the last entry was in the middle of the Atlantic, 6 months ago. I blame the captain entirely and am now taking over the job of rather more frequent updates.

Tom and I have had two forays to the boat since he arrived in November 09 with James and David. The first was 6 weeks starting Jan 1st. We arrived for this second one on March 24th. It has been an enjoyable month, based in Nanny Cay, Tortola. The sun shines, the pelican dive bomb the fish, and every variety of delightful workman has crawled over the boat -  fixing the multiple "problems" which boats seem to attract like bees to honey. In between we have also had some good sails, visiting several of the beautiful islands both in the British and US Virgin Islands.

We are now in the final stages of preparation for the "big sail" to Rock Hall in the Chesapeake Bay - via Bermuda. Tom has launched himself with gusto into maps, batteries, tools, safety equipment, engine oil, gear oil,....sudoku etc. I, of course, have taken my position as galley rat seriously, cooking his bacon, egg and tomato every morning, mopping up after Tom and the "merry men" and provisioning the boat so that we now have enough food for a crew of 20 to go round the world. The fact that I will probably be so sea sick that not a meal gets dished up may not have occurred to him.

 Our expert crew arrive at the end of the week. James Butler - Pelekan's most loyal supporter whom, Tom tells me, loves a good storm and is never ill at sea. Chris Goodfellow, playmate from the fifties in Hong Kong, hugely experienced sailor and racer, whom, I hope, will concur with Tom that my sailing abilities are SO bad that I will spoil the race to Bermuda, and hence will be excused all watch duties ( particularly the night ones). 

I promise any subsequent entries will be shorter!
 The plan is to leave Tortola for Bermuda next Sunday, May 2nd. This is the race bit. Brief stop in Bermuda then the grind up to the Chesapeake Bay battling with the Gulf Stream etc. At the end of it all we hope to be back in Osprey Point, Rock Hall, Maryland - but as most people know, boats and weather are unpredictable, the best laid plans go astray and we could end up in Timbuktu...... 
Bye for now